WRC Monitoring and Public Reports

The WRC’s access to the Alta Gracia factory, workers, and records is unprecedented in the garment industry. The WRC monitors working conditions and compliance with the living wage standard and issues annual public reports on the factory’s compliance with Dominican labor law and with the high labor standards that the factory has committed to maintain.

WRC representatives regularly visit the factory to monitor working conditions. Workers bring complaints to the WRC about any concerns that they have with regard to the factory’s compliance. The WRC investigates these complaints through off-site interviews with workers, review of related documents, and meetings with union leaders and with factory management.

Payroll audits

The WRC regularly audits payroll documents to ensure that workers in every job classification are paid at the rate established by the living wage agreement and the collective bargaining agreement. The WRC also reviews payment of overtime hours, paid leave, vacation pay, and the legally required year end bonus.

Off-site worker interviews

The WRC conducts regular, off-site interviews with factory workers in their homes to inquire about working conditions. Workers are interviewed about factory health and safety, the presence or absence of discrimination and abuse, overtime practices, payment of salary and benefits, conditions of the machinery, and freedom of association.


The WRC maintains a transparent relationship with factory management and is regularly able to work with all parties to ensure that the complaints or concerns are resolved promptly.

As a part of the factory’s commitment to allow the WRC access to constant monitoring of its operations, the WRC allows Alta Gracia to place a hangtag on garments produced at the factory. The hangtag bears a statement from the WRC confirming that the products are assembled at a factory that respects worker rights, including the right to organize and payment of a living wage. Permission to affix the hangtag to the products is conditional upon Alta Gracia’s continued compliance with the applicable labor standards.

WRC Verification Reports

Each year, the WRC issues a verification report that details its review of labor standards. When violations of law or the standards to which the factory has committed are identified, the report addresses these violations and the factory’s actions to address them.