Factory Ownership and the Alta Gracia Apparel Brand

Photograph of the Alta Gracia factory

Alta Gracia Apparel, owner of the Alta Gracia factory, was acquired in 2018 by an Atlanta, Georgia-based investment group known as AG Triada. Under the leadership of its CEO, Chris Morocco, AG Triada has affirmed its commitment to Alta Gracia’s legacy of respecting worker rights and payment of a living wage to the workers in the Dominican Republic that manufacture all of its apparel.

AG Triada continues to maintain factory operations under the high standards established by its founders, Joe Bozich and Donnie Hodge of Knights Apparel. The Alta Gracia website highlights the company’s living wage commitment and provides additional information on its values and leadership team.

The WRC plays no role in the sale of Alta Gracia clothing. To learn more about how to purchase this product, visit the Alta Gracia website or your university or college bookstore.