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Thai Workers Win Back $8.3 Million in Stolen Severance Pay; Most Ever at a Garment Factory

WRC, Solidarity Center, and #PayYourWorkers persuaded Victoria’s Secret to finance payments to 1,260 workers at Brilliant Alliance factory; the owner of Staples and Lane Bryant refused to contribute.

Report: Labor Pact Sparked Vast Gains for Right to Organize and Bargain in Honduras

Research shows unparalleled progress by Honduran garment workers after 2009 agreement between Fruit of the Loom and CGT Federation: 44% now have strong union contracts.

H&M Signs Binding Agreement on GBVH

A year after the murder of a garment worker by her supervisor from an H&M supplier factory, labor rights groups have achieved a groundbreaking agreement with H&M to end gender-based violence and harassment at factories of a major Indian supplier.

How we work

Enforceable standards

In global manufacturing, regulation usually means self-regulation, with brands inspecting their own suppliers under voluntary standards. The WRC promotes and enforces binding labor standards, the only kind that ever work in the real world.

Worker-Centered investigations

We interview workers away from their factories, without management’s knowledge, so workers can speak openly, with no fear of reprisal. This enables the WRC to uncover labor abuses that brands and their auditing organizations routinely ignore.

Full restitution for rights violations

The WRC compels brands and their suppliers around the world to remedy the abuses we’ve exposed: we’ve achieved tens of millions of dollars in back pay, reinstatement for thousands of unjustly fired workers, and transformative safety improvements.

Systemic change in supply chains

Achieving decent conditions in supply chains requires systemic reform: supplanting voluntary industry promises with enforceable agreements worldwide and obliging brands to end the price pressure on suppliers that impels abuses. We drive strategies to advance this agenda.

Global Coalition Calls on Companies Not to Dump Forced Labour-Made Goods in Non-US Markets

Today, as the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) comes into effect in the United States, the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region urged US importers not to dump goods linked to the Uyghur Region into other markets and to not re-export tainted goods. Hundreds of companies have been publicly identified as having links to Uyghur forced labour….


Target Supplier JNB Global Fires Workers and Steals Severance

Overview The WRC recently documented violations of worker rights at the Guatemalan garment factory JNB Global, also known as Sams and Rudia. Following our investigation, we shared findings and recommendations for remedial action with the factory and with its buyer, Target Corporation. The violations of worker rights at JNB Global occurred when the factory required…


Thai Workers Win Historic $8.3 Million in Back Pay, Financed by Victoria’s Secret

More than 1,250 Thai workers who sewed bras for Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant, and Torrid—and who were fired in 2021 without their legally mandated severance—have received $8.3 million in compensation.


Workers at Two Guatemala Garment Factories Overcome a History of Violence and Vindicate Associational Rights

The WRC helped workers organizing unions at Guatemalan factories owned by Korean multinational SAE-A secure remedies for violence, death threats, and illegal firings.