WRC Factory Investigation

MAA Garment and Textiles, Kebire Enterprises

Factory: MAA Garment and Textiles, Kebire Enterprises

Key Buyers: Asda, Bonghwa, DVH Apparel, Edwards, H&M, MOC, Obermeyer, Trimark Sportswear, Walmart

Last Updated: 2018

Case Summary

Based in the northern Tigray province in the town of Mekelle, MAA Garment and Textiles (“MAA”) employed 1600 employees as of 2016. As one of Ethiopia’s 17 vertically integrated factories, the Ethiopian-owned facility has the capacity to weave and spin cotton products as well as assemble (cut, make, and trim) garments. Its output includes trousers, underwear, blouses, t-shirts, and home textiles.

The WRC’s report found violations in the areas of:

  • Wage and Hours
    • Punitive Wage Deductions/Unpaid Labor
    • Mandatory Overtime
    • Unpaid Overtime and Non-Compliant Payment Practices
    • Off-the-Clock Work during Meal Periods
  • Harassment and Abuse
    • Quid Pro Quo Sexual Coercion
    • Pregnancy-Related Harassment
    • Verbal Abuse
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Workers Collapsing during Work
    • Restricted Access to Drinking Water
    • Restricted Access to Restroom Facilities

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