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Brands Face New Pressure on Labour Rights

Issues: COVID-19, Wage Theft

Report: Major buyers failed to ensure workers’ wages amid pandemic

Country: Bangladesh
Issues: COVID-19, Wage Theft

$1.3 Million Wage Theft from Salvadoran Workers Who Made Disney and Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Country: El Salvador
Issues: COVID-19, Wage Theft

One year after the factory closed, workers are still owed an estimated $1.3 million The Industrias Florenzi factory in San Salvador, El Salvador, dismissed its 210 workers in the first half of 2020, finally ceasing operations in July. One year later, however, workers still have not been paid the $1.3 million in terminal compensation which…

Global rights groups for TRIPS waiver to protect RMG workers from Covid-19

Country: Bangladesh
Issues: COVID-19, Health & Safety Violations, Wage Theft

Buyers Pulled Orders When Migrant Burmese Garment Workers Spoke Out in Defense of Their Rights, Now They Are Making Workers Whole

Country: Thailand
Issues: Migrant Worker Abuse, Wage and hour violations, Wage Theft

Despite the inclusion of nondiscrimination protections based on nationality in Thai labor law, Mae Sot is known as a black hole of labor abuse for the many Burmese migrant workers who produce apparel there. Burmese workers in Mae Sot face a range of workplace violations that often go unreported and uncorrected due to their status…

Kanlayani Factory

Country: Thailand
Issues: Wage Theft

Kanlayani, a small subcontractor located in Mae Sot, Thailand—a hot spot for labor rights violations—closed in October 2019 leaving 29 Burmese migrant workers unemployed. After extensive engagement by the WRC and other local and international organizations, the factory’s four buyers, Tesco, Starbucks, Disney, and NBC Universal stepped in and provided the workers with their legally…