WRC Factory Investigation

Gaha Green Garment Co., Ltd.

Factory: Gaha Green Garment Co., Ltd.

Key Buyers: Columbia Sportswear

Last Updated: 2019

Case Summary

The WRC’s assessment of Gaha Green found violations of Indonesian labor law, relevant international labor standards, university and buyer codes of conduct in the areas of: (1) wages and hours of work; (2) terms of employment; (3) statutory paid time off; (4) discrimination in hiring; (5) harassment and abuse; and (6) health and safety. Although the violations identified in this report are significant, Gaha Green has made meaningful commitments for corrective action of the majority of instances of noncompliance. Confirmation of the implementation of these commitments is necessary, currently ongoing, and, in some cases, Gaha Green must still commit to additional remedial measures. The WRC is optimistic, however, that with ongoing engagement by the collegiate licensee, Columbia Sportswear, the factory can achieve substantial compliance with university labor standards.

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