WRC Factory Investigation

Empresas T&M

Factory: Empresas T&M

Key Buyers: adidas, Halpern's School Uniforms, Rifle Schoolwear

Last Updated: 2009

Case Summary

Empresas T&M is a factory which produced school uniform pants for Halpern’s School Uniforms, a supplier to a number of schools participating in the WRC’s Ontario Catholic School Boards Affiliate. Empresas T&M was the first factory assessed as part of the WRC’s pilot project with this group of eight Catholic District School Boards in Ontario, Canada. Under the project, the WRC is assisting with the implementation and enforcement of these Boards’ “No Sweatshop” purchasing policies.

The WRC initiated the assessment of Empresas T&M in February of 2007. The assessment identified a number of violations of the provisions of applicable labor rights procurement policies and of domestic law. Violations were documented in the areas of legally mandated terminal compensation and leave, occupational health and safety, overtime, and freedom of association. Factory management was cooperative during the assessment process and agreed to take steps to address many of the instances of non-compliance in each area.

Empresas T&M closed in 2008, as part of the wave of factory shutdowns that has swept the export apparel sector in the Dominican Republic in the last several years. The WRC has seen no evidence that the closure was in any way related to the WRC assessment or remedial steps taken by the management. The WRC confirmed that the plant’s workers received legally owed wages and severance benefits. Updated June 8, 2009.

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