Factory Investigations

The WRC has conducted hundreds of factory investigations in more than two dozen countries, many in response to complaints from workers and worker organizations. You can browse case summaries, full public reports, and related documents and background information for many of these investigations below. Reports include detailed information on findings, the WRC’s recommendations for remedies (from reinstatement of illegally fired workers, to urgent safety improvements, to back pay) and whether or not brands and factories have implemented these remedies. Click on a factory name in the results to view the case summary and links to the full report and other documents.


Country: Guatemala
Last Updated: 2023
Issues: Abuse and Harassment, Freedom of Association Violations, Gender-based Violence and Discrimination

Nine workers were fired due to their exercise of freedom of association. After intervention by the WRC, the factory agreed to several remedial actions.

Shahi Exports Unit 20

Country: India
Last Updated: 2022
Issues: Abuse and Harassment, Freedom of Association Violations

The WRC helped secure the reinstatement of a garment worker leader in Bangalore, India, who was subjected to violent threats, physical assault, and suspension from her job for nine months after protesting verbal abuse and harassment of other workers by supervisors and managers at her factory. Although the facility where the incidents occurred does not…

B.D. Cambodia

Country: Cambodia
Last Updated: 2022
Issues: Freedom of Association Violations, Wrongful Termination

The WRC worked with licensees to resolve a case in which B.D.Cambodia illegally terminated a workplace leader, made a legally binding commitment to reinstate him as part of a mediation process facilitated by the Cambodian government, and then refused to follow through on its commitment. When the worker attempted to return to work at the…

Uni Gears Ltd.

Country: Bangladesh
Last Updated: 2021
Issues: Wage Theft

Uni Gears Ltd. in Gazipur, Bangladesh, a supplier to Outerstuff employing over 1,000 workers, made significant reductions to its workforce beginning in May 2020. Workers testified to the WRC that they were forced to resign under threat of violence; in Bangladesh, workers who resign are entitled to considerably less terminal compensation than those who are…

KGG Garments, Plc

Country: Ethiopia
Last Updated: 2022
Issues: Wage Theft

The WRC has secured a commitment from the university licensee, Cutter & Buck, to provide the equivalent of more than four months’ wages to over 1,300 workers, to remedy violations of law at a factory in Ethiopia producing university logo apparel. The breaches of law—nonpayment of legally mandated severance and terminal benefits—were committed by KGG…

Trax Apparel

Country: Cambodia
Last Updated: 2022
Issues: Freedom of Association Violations

The WRC identified multiple violations of Cambodian law and university labor standards at Trax Apparel, a collegiate supplier to adidas, including the illegal firing of eight workers in retaliation for forming a union to seek to better working conditions. After extensive engagement with adidas, management reinstated four of the eight leaders, however, with only partial…

Mex Mode, S.A. de C.V. (formerly Kukdong International Mexico S.A. de C.V.)

Country: Mexico
Last Updated: 2022
Issues: Abuse and Harassment, Freedom of Association Violations, Health & Safety Violations, Statutory Benefit Violations, Wage Theft, Wrongful Termination

Kukdong workers filed complaints with the WRC in January 2001, following Kukdong’s alleged discharge of five workers who asserted several workplace grievances, and following Kukdong’s alleged failure to reinstate hundreds of workers who participated in a work stoppage protesting that discharge and other matters.

GO Haiti (Garments of Haiti)

Country: Haiti
Last Updated: 2022
Issues: Wage Theft

In late August 2022, more than 800 workers at the apparel factory, GO Haiti (Garments of Haiti) picked up severance checks totaling $330,000, the equivalent of almost three months’ wages per worker, that were paid for by Hanesbrands, the US apparel company that had been the factory’s main buyer. Hanesbrands informed the WRC that it…

Posmi Sweaters Ltd.

Country: Bangladesh
Last Updated: 2022
Issues: Wage and hour violations, Wage Theft, Wrongful Termination

The WRC initiated an investigation in response to a complaint from the Akota Garment Workers Federation (AGWF), brought on behalf of seven Posmi employees, alleging their retaliatory and illegal termination. While investigating the termination of the seven workers, the WRC found a number of violations of university codes and Bangladeshi law, including severe wage and…

Pure Cotton

Country: United States
Last Updated: 2022
Issues: Wage and hour violations, Wage Theft

The WRC investigated violations of university codes of conduct by Pure Cotton, a company located in Los Angeles, California, that supplied collegiate apparel to the licensee, Hype & Vice, LLC (Hype & Vice). In September 2018, California state inspectors cited Pure Cotton, and a small subcontract factory operating at the same address, Union Supply, for…