WRC Factory Investigation

Thai Garment Export 5

Factory: Thai Garment Export 5

Key Buyers: 5.11 Tactical, Alpha, Ashworth, Burberry, Cutter & Buck, L.L. Bean, Linksoul

Last Updated: 2015

Case Summary

The WRC’s assessment of Thai Garment Export, which was launched in May 2013, identified violations of Thai law and international labor standards in the following areas: occupational health and safety including excessive heat levels, inadequate sanitary facilities, safe drinking water, excessive noise levels, lighting levels, fire safety; freedom of association; hours of work including involuntary overtime; and gender discrimination including provisions for pregnant workers.

On July 24, 2014, the management of Thai Garment Export informed the WRC that it planned to close the facility in the fall of 2014. In announcing the closure to the factory’s workers, Thai Garment Export explained that its reason for shutting down was that, because the factory had operated at a loss for the past seven years, its owners, the TAL Group, had decided to shift its production to a factory TAL operated in Vietnam called TAV2.

The WRC was able to determine that the factory closure was carried-out and severance payments were paid to employees in accordance with Thai law.

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