WRC Factory Investigation

Suditi Industries

Factory: Suditi Industries

Key Buyers: Camp David, FC Barcelona, Manchester City, NBA, Paris Saint-Germain

Last Updated: 2024

Case Summary

The WRC documented several serious labor rights violations including: payment of subminimum wages and failure to pay overtime and legal benefits to unregistered workers; and serious occupational health and safety hazards throughout the factory. After the WRC continued to press the factory to both compensate these workers and undergo a valid fire safety inspection by a competent engineering firm, Suditi’s owners suddenly announced that they were closing and moving production to another state in India. The WRC requested that the licensee, Camp David, provide funds to compensate the former employees. Camp David, to its credit, agreed. In late 2023, all the former workers who had been underpaid and could still be contacted received full compensation.

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