WRC Factory Investigation

RJ Torres

Factory: RJ Torres

Key Buyers: Fechheimer Brothers

Last Updated: 2022

Case Summary

In 2022, the WRC investigated working conditions and labor practices at RJ Torres Manufacturing, located in the Dominican Republic. This investigation was conducted pursuant to the WRC’s role as the independent monitor for the City and County of San Francisco, California under the City’s Sweatfree Contracting Ordinance.

The WRC’s investigation of this facility found violations of workers’ wages and hours of work, verbal abuse and sexual harassment, freedom of association, women’s rights, and occupational health and safety.

The factory was responsive to the WRC in its investigation and made partial remediation in keeping with the WRC’s recommendations. The details of each of the violations that were discovered through the WRC’s investigation and any corrective action implemented by the factory are detailed in the report.

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