WRC Factory Investigation

Posmi Sweaters Ltd.

Factory: Posmi Sweaters Ltd.

Key Buyers: Accolade Group, El Corte Inglés, METRO, Primark

Year: 2020

Case Summary

The WRC initiated an investigation in response to a complaint from the Akota Garment Workers Federation (AGWF), brought on behalf of seven Posmi employees, alleging their retaliatory and illegal termination. While investigating the termination of the seven workers, the WRC found a number of violations of university codes and Bangladeshi law, including severe wage and hour violations affecting the workers employed in the factory’s “jacquard” section, where the seven complainant workers were assigned.

After extensive engagement with Posmi regarding the WRC’s findings, the company signed a memorandum of understanding, which, if properly implemented, would fully remediate the violations of university codes of conduct and relevant sections of Bangladeshi law uncovered by the WRC during its investigation.

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