WRC Factory Investigation

New Wide Garment Cambodia

Factory: New Wide Garment Cambodia

Key Buyers: Danskin, Holloway Sportswear, Tshibo, Williamson-Dickie

Last Updated: 2008

Case Summary

The WRC’s assessment of New Wide Garment, initiated in October of 2007, identified a number of serious labor rights violations in the areas of freedom of association, women’s rights, wages and benefits, and occupational health and safety. Significant progress has been achieved. In late February 2008, the factory agreed to reinstate a worker representative who had been terminated in retaliation for her efforts to organize a union and bring grievances to management. Other improvements include the correction of a pattern of pregnancy discrimination, which included providing compensation to worker who was terminated because she was pregnant, and the elimination of restrictions on worker access to toilets and the factory’s health clinic. As the report notes, several violations remain outstanding, including the factory’s inappropriate use of short-term contracts for all employees. The WRC will remain engaged on this case to continue to press for full remediation of this and other issues. New Wide Garment is a supplier of Williamson-Dickie employee uniform products purchased by the City of Los Angeles. The WRC began working with Los Angeles in late 2006 to assist with the implementation and enforcement of the City’s “Sweat-Free Procurement Ordinance.” New Wide was the WRC’s first factory investigation as part of this work. The factory is also a supplier of apparel to university licensee Holloway Sportswear, which began disclosing the factory as a source of university logo product in January 2008.

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