WRC Factory Investigation

Jay Jay Textiles

Factory: Jay Jay Textiles

Key Buyers: Gerber Children's Wear, H&M, The Children’s Place, The William Carter Company

Last Updated: 2018

Case Summary

Jay Jay Textiles (“Jay Jay”) is located in the Bole Lemi Industrial Park (Phase I). Occupying some 27,500 square meters, the Indian-owned factory is one of the largest facilities in the zone. Specializing in children’s apparel, the facility manufactures apparel goods for Gerber Children’s Wear, The Children’s Place, The William Carter Company, and H&M.

The WRC’s report found violations in the areas of:

  • Wage and Hours
    • Punitive Wage Deductions/Unpaid Labor
    • Failure to Provide Rest Breaks and Meal Periods / Off-the-Clock Work
    • Mandatory Overtime
  • Harassment and Abuse
    • Verbal Abuse
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Restricted Access to Restroom Facilities
    • Unhygienic Cafeteria Food

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