WRC Factory Investigation

Zongtex Garment Manufacturing

Factory: Zongtex Garment Manufacturing

Key Buyers: Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Cato Corporation, Costco, Derek Heart, E5, Fine World, Jese Apparel/Silverwear, Leonard Feinberg, Sears

Last Updated: 2014

Case Summary

Since initiating an investigation in response to worker complaints, the WRC has documented violations at both Zongtex’s main factory in the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and a second Zongtex-owned factory in Pochentong, Cambodia that appears to operate as a “hidden,” unregistered subcontractor to the main facility. Among other violations of university codes of conduct, Zongtex has violated Cambodian law regarding underage workers, deprived workers of legally required compensation, coerced workers to work overtime, and provided workers with unclean drinking water that may endanger workers’ health. Zongtex has refused to cooperate with the WRC and with Cambodian labor authorities.

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