WRC Factory Investigation

Sun Shui Shing Industrial (Cambodia)

Factory: Sun Shui Shing Industrial (Cambodia)

Key Buyers: Puma, PVH, Vera Bradley

Last Updated: 2024

Case Summary

The WRC’s investigation found that, immediately after workers established an independent union at the factory to address complaints of forced overtime and verbal abuse, the factory management launched an intense campaign of illegal retaliation that included: suspensions and firings of five worker leaders and activists; gender-based threats of violence against these workers; and threats of retaliatory firing against nine other workers.

The collegiate licensee Vera Bradley failed to cooperate with the WRC’s investigation, though it claims it did engage with the factory after receiving the WRC’s findings. However, non-collegiate buyer PVH did cooperate with the WRC and engaged with the factory management.

As a result, the factory committed to reinstate all five fired worker leaders with full back pay. Workers now report that fear of management retaliation has decreased dramatically, and workers are now freely exercising their basic associational rights.

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