WRC Factory Investigation

Shine Embroidery

Factory: Shine Embroidery

Key Buyers: Hanesbrands

Last Updated: 2018

Case Summary

In May 2018, the National Garment Worker Federation (NGWF) filed a complaint with the WRC alleging that a worker, who was formerly employed by Shine, had not been paid his legally owed severance benefits when he separated from the factory nearly five years prior, on May 25, 2012. The WRC investigated and confirmed the veracity of the complaint.  The amount due to the worker, whose name is Jiyadul, was US$ 1,554, equivalent to nine months’ wages.

On May 23, 2018 the WRC contacted Hanesbrands to convey our findings. Hanesbrands promptly replied and agreed to reach out to the supplier directly. Two weeks later, on June 7, Hanesbrands informed the WRC that Shine would provide Jiyadul with his legally mandated severance benefits.

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