WRC Factory Investigation

Nur Group

Factory: Nur Group

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Last Updated: 2019

Case Summary

Shabana, a senior sewing operator of Nur Group, worked at the factory for three years before being dismissed by factory management on January 13, 2019. Shabana recounted to the WRC how workers at Nur Group staged a demonstration on January 6, after receiving their monthly salaries. According to Shabana, workers had identified errors in the management’s implementation of the new pay scale. On January 7, after management refused to investigate and address the workers’ concerns, workers began to leave the factory at around 9 am to protest the low wages and management’s refusal to consider their concerns. The Nur Group workers blocked the road in front of the factory. Police responded by throwing tear gas at the group of workers. Shabana, however, reports that she, along with a few other women from her line, remained in the factory. Shabana’s case provides a clear picture of factory managers responding to the protests by indiscriminately terminating workers, without regards to the facts of their specific cases.

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