WRC Factory Investigation


Factory: Nemtex

Key Buyers: Gear for Sports, Hanesbrands, Under Armour

Last Updated: 2011

Case Summary

The WRC was initially contacted by the Salvadoran Sitrasacosi union (Sindicato de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores Sastres, Costureras y Similares) in early September 2010 regarding the illegal dismissals of four workers who were members of the leadership committee of a newly-established union at Nemtex.

After engagement with the factory and brands, representatives of HBI, GFSI, and Under Armour reported to the WRC that they had been in communication with Nemtex management and that the workers would be reinstated shortly. The WRC began coordinating with these buyer representatives to address the terms and conditions of the workers’ reinstatement. Workers signed reinstatement agreements with Nemtex management on July 27, 2011 and returned to work the next day.

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