WRC Factory Investigation

Hawkins Apparel

Factory: Hawkins Apparel

Key Buyers: Disney, Jerry Leigh, VF

Last Updated: 2013

Case Summary

In February 2012, the WRC received a complaint from workers at the Honduran factory Hawkins Apparel, which produced non-collegiate apparel for a number of buyers, including the VF Corporation and Jerry Leigh, following the unexpected closure of their workplace. At the time that the factory closed its doors, it owed non-managerial employees approximately $300,000 in legally mandated compensation. Following the closure, ownership of company assets (machinery and equipment) was transferred to the workers. The workers were able to sell these goods and recover approximately 14% of the total amount due to them. After the factory closure, the WRC contacted Disney, one of Jerry Leigh’s licensors, and the VF Corporation. Disney identified Jerry Leigh as the factory buyer and, in December 2012, Jerry Leigh made a humanitarian distribution of $277,852 to approximately 200 former workers of Hawkins Apparel. Although VF Corporation did not take any action to remedy the violation, the payment made by Jerry Leigh fully resolved the workers’ rights violations at Hawkins Apparel.

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