WRC Factory Investigation

Delta Apparel Honduras

Factory: Delta Apparel Honduras

Key Buyers: Image Source, J America Sportswear, MV Sport, New Agenda

Last Updated: 2019

Case Summary

The WRC investigated a complaint filed by workers at Delta Apparel Honduras (DAH), a garment factory located in Villanueva, Honduras. DAH produces collegiate licensed apparel for J America (Vetta Brands), The Game and American Threads (MV Sport), New Agenda, and Image Source. The WRC conducted off-site interviews with workers and management and an onsite inspection at the DAH facility in early 2017. The WRC found that the practices of DAH violated Honduran law and university codes of conduct in the areas of wages and hours of work, legally mandated benefits, health care, harassment and abuse, gender discrimination, freedom of association, and occupational health and safety. Following the investigation, the WRC shared its findings and recommendations with Delta Apparel Incorporated, the factory’s parent company.

In June 2019, Delta Apparel agreed to remedy all of the outstanding violations identified in the WRC’s report. Among other commitments, Delta pledged to provide US$334,000 in back pay; ensure that all pregnant workers are provided with appropriate light duty accommodations without loss of earnings; add additional medical personnel to the factory’s health clinic; and provide training on harassment prevention to all workers and supervisors.

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