WRC Factory Investigation

Confecciones Gama

Factory: Confecciones Gama

Key Buyers: Fruit of the Loom, Intradeco Holdings, Walmart

Last Updated: 2013

Case Summary

The WRC received a complaint with regards to the failure of the Confecciones Gama plant, located in El Salvador, to pay workers the full amount of their legally required terminal benefits, which were owed to them at the time that the factory shut down its sewing operation in June 2011. In response to the complaint, the WRC contacted the factory owner and then the buyers. Fruit of the Loom committed to engagement with Intradeco Holdings, which had subcontracted Fruit of the Loom production to Confecciones Gama. At Fruit of the Loom’s urging, in December 2012, Intradeco provided 239 workers with $200,750. The WRC recognizes these actions by both Fruit of the Loom and Intradeco Holdings, which fully resolved the workers’ rights violations at Confecciones Gama.

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