WRC Factory Investigation

Centri Group

Factory: Centri Group

Key Buyers: Gildan

Last Updated: 2023

Case Summary

In 2022, the WRC conducted an investigation and found that the Haitian factory, Centri Group, committed violations of freedom of association by firing 64 of its employees. The factory retaliated against this group of workers, which it held responsible for an employee-wide work stoppage to protest unpaid overtime. The WRC found that Centri Group’s dismissal of these workers was an act of reprisal by management in retaliation for the workers’ exercise of their right to freedom of association.

Following engagement by the WRC with the factory buyer, Gildan, in May 2023 Centri Group agreed to remedy the violations by making payment of back wages to the 64 workers and by committing to reinstate the 64 workers.

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