WRC Factory Investigation

B.D. Cambodia

Factory: B.D. Cambodia

Key Buyers: alphabroder, Founder Sport Group

Last Updated: 2022

Case Summary

The WRC worked with licensees to resolve a case in which B.D.Cambodia illegally terminated a workplace leader, made a legally binding commitment to reinstate him as part of a mediation process facilitated by the Cambodian government, and then refused to follow through on its commitment. When the worker attempted to return to work at the factory, he was turned away despite the factory’s commitment to reinstate him. After attempting to work through the Cambodian legal system for several years, the worker, supported by his union, filed a complaint with the WRC. When the WRC documented these violations and contacted the two licensees sourcing from the factory, alphabroder and Founder Sport Group, the licensees acted promptly to press the supplier to remedy the violations. While the worker no longer wished to return to the factory, he received compensation for his lost wages and severance.

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