WRC Factory Investigation

Arvind Lifestyle Apparel Manufacturing

Factory: Arvind Lifestyle Apparel Manufacturing

Key Buyers: H&M, PVH, The Children’s Place

Last Updated: 2018

Case Summary

Arvind Lifestyle Apparel Manufacturing Plc., located in the Bole Lemi Industrial Park, is one of two textile and apparel factories in Ethiopia owned by the Indian multinational Arvind Lifestyle Apparel. The facility’s buyers include The Children’s Place, PVH, H&M, and Gerber Children’s Wear. The plant primarily manufactures jeans, trousers, and shirts. (A second Arvind facility recently commenced operations in the Hawassa Industrial Park; the facility, which was not the subject of labor rights investigation for this report, has recently produced goods for H&M and PVH.)

The WRC’s report found violations in the areas of:

  • Freedom of Association
  • Wage and Hours
    • Punitive Wage Deductions/Unpaid Labor
    • Mandatory Overtime
    • Unpaid Overtime
  • Harassment and Abuse
    • Verbal Abuse
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Faintings
    • Poor Condition of Restroom Facilities

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