WRC Board Elections Update


Dear Colleagues,

Last week, we circulated an announcement about the nomination and election process for University Caucus seats on the WRC Board of Directors. For those who may be considering seeking a Board seat, I wanted to provide you with some information on the duties and the time commitment involved.

WRC University Caucus Board Members do the following:

  • Attend three Board meetings per year. The meetings are usually held inWashington, DC, and are the primary mechanism for setting policy and making major organizational decisions. The meetings last a full day and are occasionally preceded by a dinner the night before. A modest amount of preparation (for example, review of factory reports that will be discussed at the meeting) is generally necessary. Members also participate in any special meeting of the Board that is held (these are rare and would normally be done by conference call).
  • Attend the University Caucus Annual Meeting and participate in the planning process for the meeting. The University Caucus meeting, which is also a full-day event, is usually held in DC, but there are tentative plans to rotate the location in the years ahead. University Caucus Board members also facilitate the proceedings.
  • Consult with other universities and colleges concerning code of conduct issues and the WRC’s work.
  • Review and provide feedback on various updates and reports provided to the Board by the WRC staff.
  • Consult with the staff informally (by phone and/or email) as issues arise; such informal consultations are relatively frequent.  

There are also additional optional activities, including participating in occasional overseas trips to visit factories and meet with local NGOs and members of the WRC field staff; performing Board committee work; and serving as a Board officer, which carries additional duties and time commitments.

I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me or one of the current University Caucus Board Members with any questions or to seek additional information.



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