Information Update on Alta Gracia/Nike Case


Dear Colleagues,

This is a brief note to follow up on recent communications concerning Alta Gracia apparel and the Nike/Honduras case:

1)      Alta Gracia: The WRC has a new section of our website dedicated to our labor rights verification work at the factory in the Dominican Republic producing garments for Knights Apparel’s Alta Gracia brand. The site includes background on various aspects of the project and links to key documents (including the labor code for the project, our monitoring and verification protocol, and the WRC living wage study on which the factory’s wages are based). We invite you to visit the site which will also serve as a locus for reports and updates.

2)      Nike : There has been substantial and very positive media coverage of the resolution of the Hugger and Vision Tex cases. We have included links below to two articles:

New York Times

Los Angeles Times (a version of the Associated Press story, which ran in more than two hundred newspapers around the country)



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