Communications to Affiliate Colleges and Universities

The WRC issues periodic updates to our affiliate colleges and universities regarding factory investigations, related labor rights developments, and organizational news.

$1 Million Restored to Workers in Haiti

Hotel Block for WRC Annual Meeting (March 24)

Message from WRC University Caucus Representatives: Annual Meeting in DC

Update: Adidas’s Refusal to Correct University Code Violations at Trax Apparel (Cambodia)

New Report: Remediation of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation at Centexsa (Guatemala)

WRC Annual Meeting on March 24: RSVP Now!

Save the Date: March 24th!

Code Compliance Successes in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia

Breakthrough: A New Safety Accord for Pakistan

Unlawful Terminations at Trax Apparel (Cambodia) and Inadequate Response from adidas

New Factory Report: Mex Mode (Mexico)

Corrective Action for University Code Compliance—in Bangladesh and in LA

WRC Case Brief: Din Han Enterprise (Cambodia)

WRC Communications to Licensees on Wages and Health

Licensee Compliance with Minimum Wage in Pakistan

WRC Update: $9.4 Million in Back Wages Paid by Collegiate Supplier in India

After WRC Investigation, a Binding Agreement to Protect Workers

University-Driven Russell Pact Sparked Huge Progress for Honduran Workers

WRC Update: $8.3 Million in Back Pay for Workers at Thai Garment Factory

WRC Case Brief: Hoosier Manufacturing (Guatemala)