How do schools obtain lists of factory locations? Is it difficult for schools without licensing programs to acquire this information?

Affiliate schools require that their licensees or apparel vendors provide them with lists of factories where their logo goods are produced. These lists are updated and reported to the WRC on a quarterly basis.

Universities that work through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), Exemplar, or Fermata generally authorize these organizations to report the relevant factory disclosure directly to the WRC, which simplifies the process for both the schools and the WRC. Schools that license independently provide the data directly to the WRC after collecting it from licensees. Licensees that conduct any significant amount of collegiate business and that have relationships with more than a few schools are typically already collecting and supplying this data, because they are working with one or more schools that are already members of the WRC or the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Thus, for the great majority of licensees, and for many vendors, the decision of a college or university to ask for disclosure does not generate a significant additional burden.