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8 Years After the Rana Plaza Disaster, We Still Aren’t Doing Enough to Protect Garment Workers

Country: Bangladesh
Issues: Rana Plaza, Safety Accords, Workplace Health and Safety

Amidst Covid-19 Crisis, Untested Industry Group Assumes Safety Responsibilities for Bangladesh Garment Factories despite Concerns

Country: Bangladesh
Issues: Workplace Health and Safety

On Monday, June 1, the Bangladesh office of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (Accord), the factory inspection program that has achieved historic progress in protecting the lives of the country’s garment workers in the years since the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster, transitioned its functions to a recently established local organization, the…

Two crises, one flawed supply chain model: How the imbalance of power in global supply chains harms workers

Country: Bangladesh
Issues: COVID-19, Rana Plaza, Safety Accords, Workplace Health and Safety

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza factory collapse claimed the lives of 1,137 garment workers in Bangladesh and injured thousands more. The tragedy, which was the deadliest disaster in a manufacturing facility in human history, put a spotlight on the grossly unsafe labor conditions plaguing Bangladesh’s garment sector and catalyzed fundamental reform. The international…

Effective Infection Control Practices and Policies for Operating Apparel and Textile Factories

Issues: Workplace Health and Safety

Many garment factories worldwide have closed or suspended production—either as a result of shutdowns ordered by governments as a public health measure or due to cancellations of orders by brands. The WRC and occupational health experts from the the Maquiladora Health and Safety Support Network (MHSSN), have developed recommendations for protecting garment workers from transmission…

When ‘business as usual’ costs lives: workers in Pakistan call for a binding safety agreement

Country: Pakistan
Issues: Ali Enterprises, Worker-driven Social Responsibility, Workplace Health and Safety

By Christie Miedema and Liana Foxvog – In Karachi, Pakistan, 11 September 2012 is ingrained into people’s minds as the day on which over 250 people did not return home to their families after a long day of work. A fire in the Ali Enterprises garment factory had spread rapidly, fed by the bales of finished product…

Amidst Wave of Deadly Fires, Bangladesh Government Threatens to Expel the Only Credible Building Safety Programme in the Country and Further Suppress Workers’ Rights

Country: Bangladesh
Issues: Health & Safety Violations, Workplace Health and Safety

On the sixth anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse, labour rights groups are calling on the government of Bangladesh to cease attempts to expel the Accord on Fire and Building Safety from Bangladesh and to urgently increase safety efforts for the buildings currently under the government’s oversight, which include tens of thousands of factories…