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4 Ways You Can Shop Ethically Now

Issues: COVID-19

Farce majeure: How global apparel brands are using the Covid-19 pandemic to stiff suppliers and abandon workers

Country: Global
Issues: COVID-19

This paper by the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, ILAW, and the Worker Rights Consortium explores the power imbalances between brands and suppliers and their contractual manifestation. It examines the law of force majeure and related doctrines and how they apply to the current circumstances. The paper explains how brands violate their due diligence obligations through canceling orders….

Un(der)paid in the pandemic

Country: Global
Issues: COVID-19

The report “Un(der)paid in the pandemic” analyzes nonpayment of wages to garment workers during the months of March, April, and May resulting from order cancellations by apparel brands, unpaid leave, and state-sanctioned wage cuts during the Covid-19 crisis. Based on a review of news reports and information from worker organizations, we estimate that across South…