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Annual Monitoring Report: Alta Gracia

Country: Dominican Republic
Issues: Alta Gracia

November 12, 2020 Dear Colleagues, We are happy to share with you our most recent report on the WRC’s annual verification of compliance with labor rights standards at the Altagracia Project factory, located in Villa Altagracia, Dominican Republic. The WRC once again finds Alta Gracia to have fully complied with its commitments to uphold all…

During Pandemic, Universities Continue Support of Living-Wage Jobs

Country: Dominican Republic
Issues: Alta Gracia, COVID-19, Living Wage

Despite the tremendous challenges facing colleges and universities during this back-to-school season, dozens of schools have chosen to leverage their mask procurement and licensing choices to support living-wage jobs by sourcing from Alta Gracia Apparel.

The False Promise of Corporate Living Wage Commitments

Country: Dominican Republic
Issues: Alta Gracia, Corporate Social Responsibility, Living Wage, Social Auditing

In the face of mounting pressure from workers, unions, and civil society organizations who have documented widespread labor exploitation in global supply chains, apparel brands have adopted ambitious public commitments to provide living wages to the workers sewing their clothes. But according to a new study by researchers at the University of Sheffield, the world’s…