WRC Factory Investigation

Westtex Apparel

Factory: Westtex Apparel

Key Buyers: '47 Brand, Disney, Gap, Gorilla Marketing, Next Level Apparel, Spirit Clothing Company

Last Updated: 2024

Case Summary

In 2023, the WRC investigated violations of workers’ rights at the Salvadoran garment factory known as Westtex Apparel. The WRC’s investigation found that, between June 2021 and March 2023, the factory illegally fired five union leaders who organized unions at Westtex in order to address issues of harassment and abuse, production requirements for workers, and unpaid benefits due to workers under the law.

Subsequent to the dismissals, the WRC found that the factory discriminatorily and unlawfully suspended 13 union leaders and members at the factory during July and August 2023. The WRC’s investigation of the dismissals and suspensions of these workers found that, in both cases, Westtex had violated the workers’ right to freedom of association, as established under Salvadoran law and university and buyer codes of conduct.

Through the WRC’s engagement with licensees and other buyers, the violations were remedied. All five fired union leaders were reinstated and paid back wages for the time that they were fired from the company. The 13 union leaders and members who were temporarily suspended received full payment of back wages for the period of their suspension.

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