WRC Factory Investigation

Varsity Pro Ltd.

Factory: Varsity Pro Ltd.

Key Buyers: adidas, Under Armour, Varsity

Last Updated: 2020

Case Summary

The WRC’s investigation found that Varsity Pro, a factory located in El Salvador that produces collegiate licensed apparel for Varsity Brands and non-licensed apparel for adidas and Under Armour, violated Salvadoran law and university codes of conduct on freedom of association. In March and April 2020, as part of a larger layoff, the factory fired seven employee union leaders who were protected by law from dismissal.

Varsity Pro responded positively to the WRC’s findings and, on September 30, the employee union leaders returned to work and received the appropriate payment of back wages. The WRC recognizes Varsity Pro’s willingness to remedy the violations of university codes of conduct that the WRC identified.

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