WRC Factory Investigation

Trax Apparel

Factory: Trax Apparel

Key Buyers: adidas, New Balance, Triform Custom Apparel

Last Updated: 2024

Case Summary

The WRC identified multiple violations of Cambodian law and university labor standards at Trax Apparel, a collegiate supplier to adidas, including the illegal firing of eight workers in retaliation for forming a union to seek better working conditions. Initially, management reinstated four of the eight leaders, however, with only partial back pay and subjected them to discriminatory treatment upon their return.

After extensive engagement with adidas by the WRC, the union, and university affiliates, Trax Apparel offered to rehire, immediately and unconditionally, the four worker leaders in question. Three out of the four leaders accepted the reinstatement and returned to work in March 2023. Trax also provided full back pay to all eight of the worker leaders who were fired in June 2020. As a result, the university code violations at Trax were remedied.

At the end of 2023, the union leaders reported greater respect for the union, whose membership has tripled since the union leaders were reinstated. The WRC will continue to monitor the factory to ensure that Trax Apparel continues to comply with university codes of conduct and Cambodian labor law.

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