WRC Factory Investigation

Star, S.A.

Factory: Star, S.A.

Key Buyers: adidas, All Team, J America Sportswear, New Agenda, Nike, VF

Last Updated: 2012

Case Summary

The National Labor Committee originally brought the Star factory in Honduras to the attention of the WRC in late 2007. A subsequent investigation by the WRC confirmed that 55 workers had been unlawfully terminated shortly after they had formed a union. The WRC, along with several other organizations, demanded that the brands take action to engage the factory and reinstate the workers. Because of this pressure, the workers were reinstated. However, the WRC also found evidence of verbal and physical abuse, sexual harassment, forced overtime, and violations of health and safety.

Although reinstatement of the workers represented progress, full remediation did not occur, and workers reported that management had reneged on reinstatement commitments. The factory was purchased by Gildan in May 2012. Another WRC investigation was conducted in response to worker complaints. Again, the WRC confirmed that Star management had given tacit approval and colluded with employees to intimidate union members through threats of violence and acts of harassment. The management also violated the collective bargaining agreement established with the workers.

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