WRC Factory Investigation

Shahi Exports Unit 20

Factory: Shahi Exports Unit 20

Key Buyers: Columbia Sportswear, Nike

Last Updated: 2022

Case Summary

The WRC helped secure the reinstatement of a garment worker leader in Bangalore, India, who was subjected to violent threats, physical assault, and suspension from her job for nine months after protesting verbal abuse and harassment of other workers by supervisors and managers at her factory. Although the facility where the incidents occurred does not produce for university licensees, Shahi’s other operations in Bangalore include factories that produce collegiate goods for Columbia Sportswear and non-collegiate goods for Nike. After the WRC reported these abuses to Columbia Sportswear, Nike, and other major brands sourcing from Shahi, the worker leader was reinstated, having been paid for the entire nine-month period she was suspended. Moreover, all of the supervisors and managers at the factory that the WRC identified as being implicated in the abuse and harassment have either been disciplined, reassigned, or have left the company. The WRC is continuing to engage with buyers from Shahi to secure the implementation of further mechanisms to prevent future incidents of this kind.

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