WRC Factory Investigation

Mahmud Fashion

Factory: Mahmud Fashion

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Last Updated: 2019

Case Summary

Consistent testimony gathered by the WRC indicates that workers are being indiscriminately arrested through the abuse of the ability to make allegations against unnamed individuals in criminal complaints. On January 11, police came to the homes of two Saybolt Tex employees , and physically dragged them from their homes. These arrests were pursuant to a complaint filed by a senior executive at Mahmud Fashion, a separate factory located more than six miles away from Saybolt. Neither employee is named in the Mahmud case document, nor is there any claim in the filing that individuals not employed by the factory were involved in the alleged incident. Furthermore, five Saybolt employees interviewed by the WRC independently verified that Sabuj and Ataur were present and working at Saybolt on the day of the alleged incident. At the time of writing, Sabuj and Ataur are currently out on bail, but their cases still stand, and, if convicted, they could face up to 10 years in jail.

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