WRC Factory Investigation

Avery Dennison

Factory: Avery Dennison (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Key Buyers: Varsity

Last Updated: 2020

Case Summary

The WRC investigated retaliation by Avery Dennison against company employees who sought representation by the Bangalore-based Garment and Textile Workers Union (GATWU). As detailed in the report, the WRC found that Avery Dennison violated the associational rights of workers at this plant by:

  • Improper payment by a factory human resources manager to the leader of an incumbent union at the factory and enlistment of that union’s leaders to oppose workers’ effort to seek representation by the GATWU;
  • Permitting supporters of the incumbent union at the facility to physically assault and issue threats of violence, criminal prosecution, and eviction from housing against employees supporting the GATWU; and
  • Conducting intimidating surveillance of workers’ nonviolent associational activities.

The WRC shared these findings with Avery Dennison, Columbia (a collegiate licensee), and other brands sourcing from the factory. Subsequently, Avery Dennison contacted the WRC and agreed to corrective measures. Avery Dennison also recognized and negotiated with a joint committee comprised of representatives of both the GATWU and the incumbent union, and ultimately signed a new collective agreement with significant improvements in wages and benefits for workers at the facility.

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