WRC Assessment: Gildan Villanueva (Honduras)


Please find here a new WRC report regarding investigative findings and remediation efforts at Gildan Villanueva, an apparel manufacturing facility in Honduras that is owned and operated by Gildan Activewear.

Gildan Villanueva has been disclosed as a producer of university logo apparel by the licensees Pro-Ad Sports, J America, and Cotton Gallery and by JSW, a vendor to university stores in the United Kingdom. Gildan Villanueva is also a producer of non-collegiate apparel for Nike. The factory also supplies goods to BUI, through its subcontractor, Staton, for the City of Los Angeles; the WRC initially undertook this investigation in its role as monitor of compliance for the City of Los Angeles, with its Sweat Free Ordinance.

The WRC’s assessment of Gildan Villanueva uncovered a number of violations of Honduran law and university codes of conduct in the areas of wage and hours of work, accommodations for pregnant and breastfeeding workers, verbal harassment, legally required benefits, freedom of association, and health and safety.

In response to the WRC’s findings, and after extensive engagement by the WRC with the parent company, Gildan Villanueva has agreed to remedy the violations. The WRC will monitor the factory’s compliance with its remedial commitments and report as needed.

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