WRC Assessment: Genesis Apparel (Honduras)

To:WRC Affiliate Universities and Colleges
From:Scott Nova, Tara Mathur and Jessica Champagne
Date:March 30, 2016
Re:WRC Assessment: Genesis Apparel (Honduras)

Please find here a new WRC report regarding investigative findings and remediation efforts at Genesis Apparel, a manufacturing facility located in Choloma, Honduras.

Genesis Apparel has been disclosed as a producer of university logo apparel by Box Seat Clothing Company and as a producer of apparel for the City of Los Angeles via the City’s vendors Galls and BUI and their subcontractor SanMar.

The WRC’s assessment of Genesis uncovered a number of violations of Honduran law and university codes of conduct in the areas of wages and hours of work, gender discrimination, provision of legally required childcare, freedom of association, and occupational health and safety.

In response to the WRC’s findings, Genesis has remedied many of the violations outlined in the report and made commitments to remedy others in the near term. The WRC will continue to monitor the factory’s compliance with its remedial commitments and report as needed.

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