NGO Report on Style Avenue Factory

To:WRC Affiliate Colleges and Universities
From:Scott Nova
Date:October 13, 2011
Re:NGO Report on Style Avenue Factory

The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights (formerly the National Labor Committee) released an investigative report yesterday on a factory in El Salvador that makes university logo children’s wear for two licensees, Outerstuff and College Kids. The investigators have reported severe labor rights abuses at the facility.

The WRC does not have any independent information on the factory and we cannot, at this point, verify the findings. It is important to note, however, that the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights has a long track record of accurate reporting on labor rights in the apparel sector, including a report issued this year citing violations at the Ocean Sky factory, which led adidas and other buyers to undertake substantial corrective action. The licensees should take the group’s findings very seriously.

The WRC is seeking a response to the report from Outerstuff and College Kids. We have also asked for a response from two companies whose NFL branded products were made at the factory: adidas and the Dallas Cowboys (in adidas’ case, we understand that the direct sourcing was done by Outerstuff, which has a license to make NFL product for adidas). With the exception of Outerstuff, the brands had all indicated by this morning that responses are forthcoming. Depending on the brands’ responses, we will make a determination as to what action by the WRC is appropriate and will then update you.

One related note: Although it is certain that Outerstuff and College Kids made collegiate clothing at this factory, both companies failed to disclose the facility as a collegiate supplier in the data they supplied to universities and the Collegiate Licensing Company. It will be important for the licensees to explain the reasons why the factory was not disclosed and to outline the steps they will take to ensure that they are providing full disclosure in the future, as required by their licensing universities.

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