New WRC Report: League Central America (El Salvador)

To:WRC Affiliate Universities and Colleges
From:Scott Nova and Tara Mathur
Date:March 8, 2019
Re:New WRC Report: League Central America (El Salvador)

At this link, you will find a report of findings, recommendations, and remedial commitments and actions concerning League Central America (LCA), a factory that is owned by, and is a supplier to, the licensee League Collegiate Wear.

The WRC conducted an extensive assessment of the factory’s labor practices, which began last year, involving both onsite inspection and offsite worker interviews.

The assessment identified a number of areas of non-compliance with Salvadoran law and university standards, including illegal wage deductions and unpaid overtime, some of which affected the entire workforce. The deductions and unpaid hours related to educational programs, operated by the factory, in which workers were compelled to participate. The assessment also uncovered verbal abuse of workers by managers, discriminatory termination of workers based on their sexual orientation, and other violations.

We are pleased to report that League Collegiate Wear has agreed to a comprehensive program of remedial actions including substantial back pay, reinstatement of terminated workers, significant changes in factory policies, and other steps. As the report outlines, the majority of these actions have been implemented, and the remainder are in process. If fully implemented, the action plan to which League has committed will correct the violations the WRC identified and bring the factory into compliance with Salvadoran law and university standards. The resulting improvements and benefits for workers will be substantial.

We appreciate League Collegiate Wear’s active cooperation with the assessment process and the actions the company has taken, and committed to take, at the factory. We will monitor progress closely and report to you again, if warranted.

As always, please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions about this report.

Scott Nova
Executive Director
Worker Rights Consortium

[email protected]