Scott Nova, Executive Director

Scott Nova is Executive Director of the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). The WRC is an independent labor rights monitoring organization that conducts investigations of working conditions in factories around the globe. The WRC’s purpose is to combat sweatshops and protect the rights of workers who sew apparel and make other products sold in the United States and Canada—in particular, garments bearing the logos of the WRC’s affiliate universities and colleges.

The WRC conducts independent, in-depth investigations; issues public reports on factories producing for major US brands; and aids workers at these factories in their efforts to end labor abuses and defend their workplace rights. The WRC is a collaboration of educational institutions, students and non-governmental organizations, all of which share the common goal of promoting greater respect for the rights of workers in the global economy.

Prior to joining the WRC, Nova was Executive Director of the Citizens Trade Campaign, a national coalition of environmental, religious, human rights, labor and other public interest groups. Citizens Trade Campaign is one of the nation’s foremost advocates of an approach to US trade policy that makes human rights, worker rights and environmental protection central priorities. Nova has also served as Director of the Preamble Center, a DC-based research and policy organization that focused on a broad range of economic issues, from Social Security to international commerce.

As a community leader in Rhode Island before moving to Washington, Nova helped found a number of statewide public interest organizations, including the Consumer Alliance, a coalition of auto insurance consumers, and People First, a network of groups promoting equitable tax, budget and social welfare policy and served as Executive Director of Ocean State Action, a long-standing Rhode Island community coalition.

Nova has written and spoken widely on international labor rights issues, in the United States and abroad. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College.