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Board of Directors

Representatives of the University Caucus

  • Alixe Holcomb (Board Chair), University of Arizona
  • Geoff Chatas, Georgetown University
  • Michael Ferrari, Northeastern University
  • Kyle Muncy, University of Connecticut
  • Craig Westemeier, University of Texas at Austin

Independent Labor Rights Experts Representing the WRC Advisory Council

  • Julie Farb (Secretary), Director of the Center for Strategic Research, AFL-CIO
  • Jill Esbenshade, Associate Professor of Sociology, San Diego State University
  • Mark Levinson, Chief Economist, Service Employees International Union
  • Julie Martínez Ortega, Vice President for Policy & Advocacy and Director, PowerPAC
  • Julie Su, Labor Commissioner, State of California

Representatives of United Students Against Sweatshops

  • Patricia Alvaro (Treasurer), Gonzaga University
  • Citlalli Aparicio, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Elizabeth Carroll, Villanova University
  • Amber Chan, University of Alabama
  • April Lopez, Gonzaga University