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Worker Complaints

The WRC launches investigations of working conditions at factories producing apparel and other products for North American universities in response to complaints from workers or when information from other sources indicates problems at a facility. The investigations include interviews with workers outside of the workplace, in locations where workers feel comfortable, as well as gathering of relevant documentation, and meetings with management and other knowledgeable sources. When violations are identified at a factory, the WRC develops recommendations for remedial action, in consultation with workers.

Worker complaints most commonly reach the WRC through local non-governmental organizations or unions, who are already in contact with WRC staff. However, workers or their representatives can also submit a complaint to the WRC by email or fax.

Submitting a Complaint

Please fill in the form below to submit a complaint:


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    Please note that we will keep your name and contact information in strict confidence. It will not be released publicly at any time, unless you have given prior approval. The information will be used only to follow up with you on the complaint.

    Please also note that the WRC does not launch a full scale investigation in response to every complaint it receives. The WRC weighs various factors in deciding whether to proceed with an investigation, including the severity of the alleged violations, the number of workers affected, the views of knowledgeable local non-governmental organizations about the credibility of the allegations, whether university-related brand name companies possess substantial leverage over the factory, and whether workers themselves support an assessment.

    For more information on WRC investigations, click here.