WRC Factory Investigation


Factory: Winners, SA

Key Buyers: Gap, Walmart

Last Updated: 2023

Case Summary

In 2020, the WRC documented serious violations of workers’ rights to freedom of association that occurred at the Winners factory, owned by the Korean multinational company, SAE-A. Union leaders were attacked by mob violence, threatened with death, and forced to resign from their positions.

The WRC engaged with SAE-A and with buyers and ultimately the violations were remedied. The factory fired and demoted managers who played a role in supporting these violent acts and terminated the workers who were organized in a company-sponsored union that perpetrated violence. Winners and SAE-A also made offers of reinstatement as well as payment of back wages and damages to the union leaders who were targeted.

In 2022, there were further violations at the factory when it permanently closed operations and terminated all employees. At the time of the closure, the factory was under a protective writ that prohibited the dismissal of any employees. Following engagement with SAE-A and factory buyers, worker representatives and factory managers signed an agreement to resolve the violations that had occurred.

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