WRC Factory Investigation


Factory: Vald’or

Key Buyers: PVH

Last Updated: 2023

Case Summary

Vald’or, a garment factory located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, fully closed operations in January 2022. The US-based company failed to pay the factory’s more than 1,100 workers the severance payments to which they were entitled under the law. Vald’or was also delinquent in other payments to workers, including health and pension payments, which it deducted from the workers’ checks but failed to deposit with the corresponding government agencies.

The factory buyer PVH engaged with the WRC and agreed to make a humanitarian contribution of $968,000 to be distributed to workers as compensation for the factory’s failure to pay severance and to reimburse the workers for stolen health and pension contributions. These distributions were made to workers in January 2023.

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