WRC Factory Investigation

Tazreen Fashions

Factory: Tazreen Fashions

Key Buyers: C&A, Disney, Li & Fung, MJ Soffe, Sears/Kmart, Walmart

Last Updated: 2012

Case Summary

In a horrific fire on November 24, 2012, 111 people were killed from smoke inhalation, leaping from upper floors to try and escape the blaze, or burning to death. After fire alarms sounded, rather than evacuate the building, managers had told workers to return to work.

The Tazreen factory was audited multiple times by Walmart and, it is virtually certain, by other large buyers, including Li & Fung and C&A. According to documents published by the factory, the Walmart audits identified serious problems, but the Walmart audit process clearly never led to any fire safety improvements.

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