WRC Factory Investigation

South China Headwear (Shenzhen) Co. Limited

Factory: South China Headwear (Shenzhen) Co. Limited

Key Buyers: Ahead, Captivating Headwear, Fanatics, GenTeal Apparel, Global Sourcing Connection, Top of the World, Vantage Custom Classics

Last Updated: 2021

Case Summary

The WRC’s investigation found violations of law and university codes of conduct, including excessive overtime and the failure to provide workers even one guaranteed weekly rest day, failure to enroll workers in government social insurance programs, substandard dormitory conditions, and illegal wage deductions.

While the factory has addressed the benefits enrollment and wage deduction issues, the factory has not agreed to fully address the overtime and rest day issues nor the dormitory conditions. The factory says it is not willing to guarantee at least one rest day until 2023, and, while it has cleaned the dormitory, it has not committed to regulate the ambient temperature.

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